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Sue's News 29 January 2022


We had a great time in Sunday School last week!  The children sang so well and were very attentive.  We are studying Elijah right now -- so those are very exciting stories. :)  The sidewalk to the new bathrooms is great!  This week they finished the floors in the bathrooms.  They will start taking down the old bathroom soon.

The house is almost back to normal, but not quite.  I had hoped to finish taking down Christmas decorations this week, but now I hope to finish next week. :)  I'm really hoping to finish on Monday -- so they aren't still up in February! :)  

The workers have been plastering and keying the wall behind our house.  Thursday I was replacing clothes lines on the side porch.  I took my small Bluetooth speaker with me so I could listen to the Mukwonago Wednesday evening service while I worked.  I think one of the guys didn't like the preaching -- he turned on some music on his phone and started singing. :)  It made me wish that I had a bigger speaker. :)

It seems that Thursday was a busy day. :)  It was the day that I put together the game in the picture.  It was also the day of the snake story!  Before I forget, I should warn you that the last pictures are deceased snake pictures.  If you don't want to see them don't scroll past Panda.

So, as I was saying -- I have been working on Christmas decorations.  The other day I was looking for a small box that I use for a manger scene.  I pulled out a storage container that was in the corner under a table in the guesthouse because I thought it might be in there.  I opened the top, but didn't find the box.  Since I was going to need that container soon (relative term) I just left it where it was.  Later in the week I went into the guesthouse and thought, "It smells like something died in here."  Since we are planning a thorough cleaning in there I didn't take time to try to find it.  I was thinking gecko, frog, or rat.  Of course I already gave away what it was with the subject line, but I couldn't resist. :)  Then later in the week I wanted to bring over that last container.  I didn't notice the snake until  I went back to the guesthouse to tuck something into another container.  I was very thankful that it was very dead and that Panda hadn't followed me in.  I think I must have mortally wounded it when I slid the box earlier in the week.  The Lord protects us even when we don't know we need it! :)

With the above paragraph in mind I will tell another little story. :)  Panda has been trying to get behind some jerrycans of water we keep on the side porch.  I decided to ignore whatever was back there and hope it went away.  Last night Panda was even more determined.  Chuma even came in to tattle on him. :)  It's so funny when he does that! :)  So, I decided I'd better do something about whatever was behind the containers. :)  Normally I would be thinking gecko, frog, or rat -- but this time I was also thinking snake.  This morning I went out to the container and got a hoe and put on my gumboots.  I really didn't think they were necessary, but I thought they were prudent.  After all if I had been bitten by a snake you would be wondering why I wasn't more careful. :)  I kept an eye out for anything that moved as I picked up each container.  When I moved the second container I saw it -- this time there is a little suspense isn't there. :)  A gecko ran across the wall.  Panda has an obsession with geckos.  He keeps a very close eye on the ones waiting for bugs by the security lights at night.  The good news was that if there is a gecko there isn't a snake -- they aren't really friends.  It was very convenient having the water jugs on the porch, but now they are in the container and Panda and I don't have to wonder what is behind them.

Since we changed the Gatukuyu prayer meeting to Fridays we spend much of Thursday and Friday reminding ourselves what day it is and which prayer meeting we are going to!  This week two visitors came in while we were praying at Trinity.   We see one quite often when we go by the place that sells pig's feet out front and traditional alcohol behind, and the other works at a welding shop we pass on the way in to church.  After we finished praying we quickly discerned the first man was drunk.  He asked for money for food, but we knew he was not going to buy the pig's feet!  We offered him something more valuable than money -- God's Word, which he wasn't interested in at the time.  We are praying that they will come back seeking the truth.

Trusting in the LORD!
Love, Susan




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