Simonsen's Ministry Up-date

Kenya, East Africa

Sunday Up-Date
30 January 2022

Aaron                          Daniel      

           Rick          Sue

Dear Praying Friends,
              This week's up-date will be a bit short. Ours was a normal college/church week. My Greek students are doing very well and after two weeks we are already slightly ahead of my lesson plan. One of our Kenyan faculty, Pastor Alexander Karanja, who took Greek many years ago is teaching an afternoon class on Tuesdays and has decided to come to the college early to sit in on my morning Greek class to refresh his understanding.
      I also spent much time working through some issues with my application for renewal of my work permit in Kenya. At this point, everything has been submitted and I am waiting for the approval. Once that comes through I will pay the fees, get a security bond and than apply to renew our Foreigner Cards. Always lots of fun!

     On Sunday Daniel preached the seventh in his eight-part series on "Baptist Distinctives." He will finish next week and some time after that I will present a proposed church constitution to those regularly attending Trinity Baptist Church.
      We again had  twenty-six in the adult service but Sue's class dropped to about twenty-five children. These things happen from time to time and we never quite know why. We are rejoicing with our son, Aaron, who was able to lead a soul to Christ even in the bitter cold Wisconsin winter!
      This week we will remove the old toilet building and level the parking area at the church. This will be our last significant project until after we return from furlough.      

FURLOUGH PLANS:  Our schedule for our short time we will be in the States is nearly full but I am still trying to make contact with churches for a few more meetings. With many churches having only morning services we will not be able to report to as many of our supporting churches as we had hoped - but we will do what we can.

     The cost of building materials has stabilized but has not begun to come down yet. At this point we plan to continue using the buildings as they are and will look at building a church building when we return from furlough next year.

In Kenya for Christ,
Rick, Sue, Aaron and Daniel Simonsen



In the absence of a picture from Zack, here's one of our little puppy Panda (that's a queen sized bed he is filling!)


There is often a sign on the backs of trucks, "hang at your own risk". My thought, yes, hanging can be a risky thing!
This truck was going at highway speed.


In the plastic box are five little goats!
The motorcycle ahead had five goats and two people!


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